Justin Brown is a natural born entrepreneur, bringing value to people since the days of his childhood. His early life has influenced much of his thinking in business having grown up on a vegetable farm in rural Massachusetts. He has a passion for building businesses as well as leading and connecting people. With only a basic knowledge of the corporate world, Justin moved from sales to CEO and owner by age 25. FGX has abandoned the antiquated “hub-and-spoke” model of its competitors in favor of a direct shipping model that focuses on delivery speed, reliability and emissions.

Justin brings a fresh outlook to business and believes the concepts of B2B and B2C are obsolete. Instead, he feels the best way forward is V2P, or “value-to-people”.

Businesses are simply made up of people; truly understand this and you are out front.

Using his expertise Justin has launched two more shipping companies, Ares Logistics and ePost International. In the future, he plans to use his expertise to discover a better way for delivering aid to parts of the world in desperate need.