Why are some successful entrepreneurs not school smart?

Here’s the question this video is in response to: http://www.quora.com/Startup-Founders-and-Entrepreneurs/Why-are-some-successful-entrepreneurs-not-school-smart

In case you can’t see the video, here’s the transcription:

How could some entrepreneurs NOT be not school smart? Whenever you have demographic of people, you’re going to have outliers of course. What it takes in general to be successful entrepreneur in this day and age (probably in every age) is totally disassociated with what it takes to be “school smart.”

What about non-school smart? What about “raw” intelligence? How many people do you know, that are smarter than you, would be successful business people? I think they’re totally unrelated.

One of the pinch points I have in my businesses is finding the right people to work with. I’ve found that I care very little about secondary or post-secondary education. There’s just no correlation. I think we’re going to see more and more folks succeeding in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that have very little formal education. I, myself, went to school for premedical biology and dropped out after two years. It says very little about the likelihood for my success in business. For me, it means that I lost interest and that I was bored and there were other things that I wanted to do and I have been in business ever since.

If you were trying to make some sort of smart bet as to whether there was a correlation between my success in business in the future and my path in education, you would have been a loser.

I think while a slightly flawed question, it’s a very important one. What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is not related in any way to the types of behaviors and DNA that it takes to be a great and excelling student in America at this time. 

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